How To Burn Bin / Cue With Alcohol 120%

1.Open Alcohol and select the Image Burning Wizard as shown below:
2.Use the browse button to locate your image file you want to burn. In this case the image file is a .cue.

 alc2 alc3  

3.After selecting the .cue, this window will appear and you should select the NEXT button:


4. Just make sure after you select the next button that your window looks like the window shown below :


5. Use the drop down box next to WRITE SPEED to select how fast or slow you want to burn. The slower the burn, the less chance of a bad CD. Its entirely up to you.


6.You CD will begin the burn process and this window will appear. Just let it do its thing, it will tell you when it is finished and will probably eject the new CD.


7. When your CD is finished, this window appears. Just click FINISH and your all done! Congratulations, you have just burned your first Bin/Cue with Alcohol Have Fun!