R. Carlos Nakai Enter Tribal

This album is a beautiful blend of traditional Native American flute and voice with electronic beats and textures. Fans of R. Carlos Nakai will not be dissapointed as his haunting flute and chanting is featured prominently. On "Winter Camp" Mr. Nakai's flute masterfully communicates the introspection of winter and the longing for spring. On "Plains Wind" he mimics the soaring winds and his gorgous flute playing gives way to the almost-whispered singing of Robert Tree Cody.
The electronic arrangments (skillfully and sensitively done by Cliff Sarde)bring a modern edge to the traditional singing of Robert Tree Cody, Jay Begaye, Delphine Tsinajinnie, William Horncloud and Primeaux and Mike but never trample the raw and natural beauty of their performances. The song "Retire the Colors" has the well-known pow-wow group Blackstone Singers signing a flag song against the strong pulse of a drum beat surrounded in rich textures and a dub-like bass-line. On "Lakota Love Song", Sarde creates a stirring arrangement for a 50-year old recording by legendary Lakota singer William Horncloud. Sarde's arrangements pull elements from the worlds of electronica and New Age but are always reverant and stay true to the spirit of the traditional flute and singing they accompany.
Fans of Deep Forest and Enigma will also be satisfied with this one but Enter-Tribal is unique as it does the difficult job of skillfully matching the world of electronic music with the traditional world of Native American flute and voice.

Track List

1. Enter>>Tribal
2. The Touch Of Your Hand
3. Changing Vision
4. Lakota Love Song
5. Winter Camp
6. Plains Wind
7. Common Ground, Shifting Sky
8. May There Be Beauty
9. Healing Journey
10. Retire The Colors
11. Lakota Love Song