R. Carlos Nakai Kokopelli's Cafe

Those familiar only with Nakai's solo and new age flute work will undoubtedly be surprised by this outing from his "world jazz" quartet, a band that includes drummer-percussionist Will Clipman, who has played in a number of jazz, reggae, rock, and world music outfits; Apache/Mexican American bass and keyboard ace J. David Muñiz; and Amo Chip who has played sax and keyboards with Sun Ra, The Nigerian All Stars, and Queen Ida's Zydeco Band to name a few. Nakai's familiar use of sustained notes works well with the other players on slow jams like "Honey-Hunters" and "Primitive Seasons"; while on up-tempo tracks like "Mo'combo Gumbo," which rides the familiar Bo Diddley beat, the flautist allows his whimsical side to come through. --j. poet

Track List

1. Kokopelli's Cafe
2. Between Venus & Mars
3. Mo'combo Gumbo
4. The Honey Hunters
5. Night Of The Chupacabras
6. Whippoorwill
7. Lizard Moon
8. Javelina Shuffle
9. Primitive Seasons
10. Secular Philosophy
11. Shaman's Call
12. Nightwind